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  1. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on Private Threads 2.0.4

    Private threads allows users to create threads that can't be viewed by members unless they have been invited to view the thread. FEATURES: Prepend/Append text to thread titles Change existing threads to private threads Change private threads to public threads Alert members when they are...
  2. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on Export Conversations 2.0.0

    This add-on allows your users to export their conversations for offline reading in a variety of different formats, including, HTML, XML and plain text. The HTML output is fully customisable from within the XenForo template system. Features Ability to export conversations as HTML, text file or...
  3. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on [Scandal's] xF Glossary 1.0.0 Beta

    I'm pleased to announce my first published addon here on xF community! :) Of course it is 100% free and without branding texts. It is a premium Glossary System. See screenshots! Features: Allow admin to submit as many glossary categories as he wants. Each glossary can have specific usergroup...
  4. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on What's New Digest 5.0.3a

    This XenForo 2.x addon sends daily, weekly or emails to users with a list of top new threads and top updated threads. Important changes for v5.0: the default option is now to honour the "Receive new and update emails" option in user preferences. You will need to turn this off in the settings...
  5. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - Advanced Download 1.0.6

    Introduce Create a new download page for your attachments & resources, makes your website much more professional. By using this add-on, there are some advantages: More profit by adding ads to download page. Prevent download from accidental clicks which may slow down the server. Installation...
  6. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Style PlayFusion 2.1.10

    Introducing our new PlayStation inspired gaming style for Xenforo 2 forum, PlayFusion is an amazingly clean and responsive style for any gaming community. PlayFusion uses light, crisp visuals with awesome features such as built-in slideshow, partner logos, customizable footer layouts and more...
  7. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - Custom Node Icon 1.0.0 Beta 4

    Introduce Customize the icons for any forums. Installation Extract and upload the folder “src” to public_html (htdocs). Go to Admin -> Add-ons -> Install. Go to Admin -> Options to customize. Finally, setup permissions and upload icons. Note: This add-on will create an additional nodeIcons...
  8. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - Thumbnail 1.6.3

    Introduce Allow users to enable cover image for their threads and add thumbnails to forum view. Customize thumbnail for each thread. Supports attachment images, external images and thumbnail from videos on Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion (updating…). Turn on/off cover image for each thread. Add...
  9. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - More Threads 1.0.0

    Introduce Add a list of related topics to the bottom of the article, thereby keeping visitors on your website longer. Installation Extract and upload the folder “src” to public_html (htdocs). Go to Admin -> Add-ons -> Install. Go to Admin -> Options to customize.
  10. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - Widgets 1.1.0 Beta 5

    Introduce After a period of using XenForo 2, I found its default Widgets feature, though good, but lacking many necessary functions compared to the Widget Framework of XF1. So I decided to make this add-on to add & improve some of the available Widgets. Main features Additional widgets (also...
  11. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on D.C Style - Link Proxy 1.1.3

    Requirements Make sure you enabled Unfurl URL to a rich preview automatically in Options -> Messages Introduce Encrypt external links in the article and create a redirect page for those links. Can customize the link is not affected. Can customize the time of automatic navigation, or turn off...
  12. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on [EAE Add-ons] Viewers 1.0

    If you have a larger forum with numerous nodes this add-on may not be for you. You could still use it to just display who is viewing a thread. This add-on keeps track and displays where members are viewing in categories, pages, forums, and threads. On forum home, you may choose to display the...
  13. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on User group icons

    TuGa_MoDz a posté une nouvelle ressource : User group icons - Add icons to your user groups and show them in posts, member tooltip and profile En savoir plus sur cette ressource...
  14. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on User group icons 1.0.1

    With this simple add-on you can add specific image to each user group: Icons will be displayed in posts: In member tooltip: In member profile: You can customize the add-on with some options:
  15. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on [EAE Add-ons] Roles 1.0.1

    This add-on will allow you to display roles members have been assigned to your forum. The roles selected to be displayed are set in options. Features displays members with roles on it's own page. can display roles on user profiles and tooltip (see screen shots) can display roles in posts...
  16. TuGa_MoDz

    Photo / Image Competition with a Question forum

    10 mins to create/convert a forum node to a Question forum type, and a couple of basic Template Edits to have a quite effective photo/image competition on your site for members. Goal: A forum node with a thread, per month, where members will submit their photo/image entry. Members will vote on...
  17. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on SparkPost Mail Transport for XF 2.2 2.0.0

    Adds a SparkPost mail transport option to have all mails sent via your SparkPost account. This is the XF v2.2 compatible version of https://xenforo.com/community/resources/sparkpost-mail-transport.7537/ and has been completely rewritten to support Swiftmailer v6 library that is part of XF v2.2...
  18. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on [cv6] Notice Countdown 1.0.0 Alpha 1

    This AddOn allows you to add a day countdown till the selected end date in the page criteria in the notice. You can choose between some designs or create your own. Additional Setting: You can edit the custom style in the Style Misc Section. How it can look like: As the target the before...
  19. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on [ITD] Change User Online Indicator Icon & Color

    TuGa_MoDz a posté une nouvelle ressource : [ITD] Change User Online Indicator Icon & Color - Change User Online Indicator Icon & Color En savoir plus sur cette ressource...
  20. TuGa_MoDz

    xF2 Add-on [ITD] Change User Online Indicator Icon & Color 2.0.0

    Now you can change the XF default user online indicator with any FA icon, as well as its default color. Result examples: TIP : Some sites may need to run add-on rebuild option manually if they will not get proper results of icon & color re-change (2nd time change).