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Report Improvements by Xon

xF2 Add-on Report Improvements by Xon 2.5.5

No permission to download
Fix issuing a reply-ban from warnings did not respect the can-reply-ban permission for display. However, the permission was checked before trying to apply the reply-ban.
  • Fix searching by warning point ranges when 'Search Improvements' and XFES are both installed.
  • Only show warning point search in report comments if Search Improvements addon (free) is installed.
  • If installed, Require Search Improvements v2.3.1.
  • Fix incorrect phrase for news feed support for report comment reactions
Fix missing react alert opt-out phrase
Fix missing column for new installs
  • Fix report reaction alerts being inconsistently worded with other report alerts and other reaction alerts, and also not being 'owned' by this add-on
  • Add "Skip reply bans for the given warnings" option
  • Support Reactions
  • Remove extra : character from various criteria phrases
  • Fix reports criteria (missing "days" input)
  • Add per-warning "Skip reply bans" option
  • Fix various report count user criteria ("Undefined index: count" error)
  • Fix "Accessed unknown getter 'username' on XF:Report" when Report Centre Essentials is not installed
  • Fix disclosure of reporter's username in search results if a user is permitted to see report comments but not the reporter's username
  • Fix error when removing a thread reply bans without an expiry