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[DBTech] DragonByte Shop

xF2 Add-on [DBTech] DragonByte Shop 6.2.2

No permission to download
Update highlights

This version introduces a new setting, allowing you to set a minimum wallet amount required in order to attempt to steal. This prevents people from avoiding penalties by banking all but 1 of their currency.

Complete Change Log

Feature: (Optional) Minimum wallet amount needed in order to steal
Update highlights

This version adds pagination for the inventory. Certain forums with a large number of purchased items could run into memory issues when viewing the inventory, which will be addressed by this update.

If you do not wish to use the pagination feature, you can set the new "Inventory items per page" to a very high number.

Complete Change Log

Change: Add pagination for inventory, in order to avoid memory issues
Update highlights

This version introduces too many features to highlight individually - see the change log for the full list.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Filter bar for Inventory pages
Feature: "Item type" filter for Overview and Category pages
Feature: Add display order as a valid sort option for item list
Feature: Filter on the Purchase page now searches all pages
Feature: Thread Highlight / Thread Title Style items can now be restricted from applying in certain forums
Feature: Free-form CSS support for the following item types: Post Background (Pre-Defined), Postbit Highlight (Pre-Defined), Post Style (Pre-Defined), Thread Highlight (Pre-Defined), Thread Title Style (Pre-Defined), Username Style (Pre-Defined), User Title Style (Pre-Defined)
Feature: "View your tickets" link on the lottery overview page
Feature: Front-end transaction log
Change: Reworked the installer to make it more manageable going forward
Change: Points columns are now stored with a hard cap of 8 decimals
Fix: Fixed an issue where certain transaction log entries would not display the item in the transaction log
Fix: Fix updating currency amount when the amount in question is a decimal number
Fix: Hidden items would not correctly take effect in certain scenarios
Fix: Fix username style and user title style reactivation when the Active setting is toggled
Update highlights

This version makes a minor update to when certain items take effect, and fix a bug with undeleting items via the front-end.

Complete Change Log

Change: Username Style and User Title Style items that are "hidden" should now take effect
Fix: Fix missing undelete method
Update highlights

This version changes the way currencies are displayed in the postbit and fixes a couple minor issues.

Complete Change Log

Change: Ensure currency display in the postbit is displayed inline
Fix: Fix an issue where an icon would not be resized if the proportions were too misaligned
Fix: Fix an issue with merging users
Update highlights

This version fixes a few issues discovered in the previous version, based on reports from our community.

Complete Change Log

Fix: If a user is deleted, the purchase records would not be cleaned correctly
Fix: Worked around a race condition where the points column was deleted